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FindBin cpan:LEMBARK last updated on 2019-09-14

Revision history for FindBin

0.4.5  2019-09-13T19:57:11-05:00

    - Replace CALLER:: with CALLER::CALLER to escape the thunk
      used to process sigitures. This reverts the arguments to 
      being read-only at the expense of using:

      Bool() :$resolve = CALLER::CALLER::LEXICAL::_FindBin_RESOLVE-DEF,
      Bool() :$verbose = CALLER::CALLER::LEXICAL::_FindBin_VERBOSE-DEF

0.4.4  2019-08-10T15:01:07-05:00

    - assets -> doc.

0.4.3  2019-07-01T13:49:48-05:00

    - add ./resources for .pod6, update META6.

0.4.2  2019-06-14T13:36:51-05:00

    - test cleanups.

    - comments

0.4.1  2019-06-10T09:27:15-05:00

    - test cleanups

    - use lib in generic test since we know ../lib exists.

    - fix ||= bug in Script hak for verbose & resolve.

0.4.0  2019-06-02T12:08:37-05:00

    - Bin returns IO vs. IO::Path for simplicity.

0.3.4  2019-05-25T23:02:06-05:00

    - use generic 01 test for use/require.
    - POD, whitespace, comments.

0.3.3  2019-05-20T11:42:45-05:00

    - fix logic error handing kwikfix for verobse & resolve.

    - use "?" instead of Bool constructor for C::L:: constants.

0.3.2  2019-05-18T09:11:09-05:00

    - play with the URL. Seems to work via 'git clone'.

    - replace defualts with copy var's and ||= logic 
      until the defaults are fixed.

    - test cleanups.

0.3.1  2019-05-15T10:55:32-05:00

    - update URL in JSON.

0.3.0  2019-05-05T12:10:26-05:00

    - Return IO::Path

0.2.11  2019-04-29T21:05:11-05:00

    - Assigning $verbose and $resolve in the signature avoids
      updating them in the code block, at which point the "is
      copy" is extaneous.

    - Comments are your friends.

0.2.10  2019-04-29T16:56:05-05:00

    - Fix editor regression in Bin signature.

0.2.9  2019-04-29T16:54:34-05:00

    - Push defaults into signature using Bool() to avoid undef
      in case where the constant was not installed.

    - Minor verbosity message changes.

0.2.8  2019-04-28T11:23:05-05:00

    - remove t/11*t. Problem is that the tarball doesn't restore
      the link properly: the test works fine here, fails on the 
      intstall due.

0.2.7  2019-04-27T18:14:52-05:00

    - *Finally* got it right! Use "CALLER::LEXICAL::" to check 
      the exported constants. Leaves the verbose output in the
      correct places (see output of t/02*.t

    - Moved the syntax for checking the installed constants 
      into the block from the parameter defaults. Looks 
      cleaner to me. Then again, what do I know?

0.2.6  2019-04-25T11:46:16-05:00

    - Yet more tests.

    - Minor code cleanups.

    - Still no idea why resolve and verbose keep showing up 
      true w/in FindBin when the calling code (tests) show
      them false in the appropraite places.

0.2.5  2019-04-05T18:02:52-05:00

    - More tests.

    - Use explicit Bool on verbose, resolve vars.

0.2.4  2019-04-05T15:22:25-05:00

    - Test fixes.

0.2.3  2019-04-02T12:36:11-05:00

    - pod moved to separate file in ./lib.

    - whitespace & comments in .pm6.
    - line up verbose output in Bin, Script.

0.2.2  2019-03-26T10:44:30-05:00

    - release to CPAN

    - comments

0.2.1  2019-03-24T18:10:59-05:00

    - pod edits, change path to '*.pod6'

    - test cleanups.
    - faster logic by droping a kernel call.


    - use v6.d

    - Fix runtime issue with $*PROGRAM being resolved too early
      and returning the lib directory from FindBin rather than 
      the executable path.

    - Defaults with export work using 6.d CALLER::DYNAMIC::...

    - Do away with $Bin and $Script as exports, retain Bin and 
      Script as exports returning an IO and stringy basename.

    - Need to ship 2* tests as symlinks, not 
      copies of files. 

    - Rebuild tests.

0.1.6  2018-06-26T16:05:33-05:00

    - Typos.
    - Whitespace.

0.1.4  2018-06-26T15:24:31-05:00

    - Play with the tests.
    - Update POD.
    - Minor tweaks to code format.

0.1.3  2018-06-23T15:26:07-05:00

    - Test fixes.
    - Add verbose( bool ) for testing.

0.1.1  2018-06-23T15:00:17-05:00

    - Fix pod bug.
    - Export $Script &Script
    - Handle dirname vs. as-is for -e script.

0.1.0  2018-06-23T10:02:05-05:00

    - Initial version