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HTML::Canvas cpan:WARRINGD last updated on 2019-02-17

Release 0.0.7
- Fix save and restore methods to include lineDash and lineDashOffset
Release 0.0.6
- Provide a fallback font resources/font/FreeMono.ttf for
  missing fonts. Assists with smoke testing and basic installation.
Release 0.0.5
- Fix $.lineDash accessor to be rw for Rakudo 6.d
Release 0.0.4
- Renamed dependency CSS::Declarations -> CSS:Properties
Release 0.0.3
- Create HTML::Canvas::To::Cairo::Cache for shared objects.
  Significantly reduces processing times and file sizes for
  multiple page PDF files
Release 0.0.2
- fix tests
  -- add tmp directory
  -- more forgiving measureText test in t/render-pdf-test-sheets.t 
Release 0.0.1
- initial release