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Hash::MultiValue cpan:HANENKAMP last updated on 2018-11-10

v0.7	2018-11-10

    * Fix location of use v6 for v6.d. :(

v0.6    2018-07-24

    * Fix .perl output so that .perl.EVAL does what's expected.

v0.5    2018-04-25

    * Release to CPAN.

v0.4    2017-04-14

    * Reverses the previous compatibility change in from-pairs(). It is back to
      a * slurpy with a test to verify that stays that way. That was such a bad
v0.3    2017-04-13

    * Adds a set of .new() constructors.
    * Adds a .from-kv() constructor.
    * Provides configuration for customizing how from-mixed construction works.
    * Adds support for binding as Pairs have provided binding support for
      binding for a long time now.
    * Bugfix: Fixes a bug where some operations failed to preserve the order of
      newly added items.
    * Compatibility Issues: The signature for from-pairs() has changed to +
      slurpy from * slurpy.

v0.2    2017-04-13

    * Renamed to META6.json
    * Adds a meta.t test
    * Adds :auth and :ver declarations to Hash::MultiValue


    * Initial relase.