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IP::Random cpan:JMASLAK last updated on 2018-07-28

Revision history for IP-Random

0.0.10  2018-07-27T22:10:35-06:00
    - Fix misleading documentation on "allow-dupes" optional parameter

0.0.9  2018-07-23T23:44:07-06:00
    - Allow option to prevent duplicate IPs from appearing

0.0.8  2018-06-30T19:33:02-06:00
    - Do not roll a 2**32 die when some of the address space is
    - Optimize for common case of repetitive calls of ipv4_random() with
      no changes to the excludes parameter.

0.0.7  2018-06-28T21:32:00-06:00
    - Performance improvement in ipv4_random() method
    - Accept arbitrary CIDRs in exclude list
    - CIDR and tag validation implemented for exclude list

0.0.6  2018-06-22T22:57:48-06:00
    - Performance improvement in ipv4_random() method

0.0.5  2018-06-22T06:51:06-06:00
    - Performance improvement in int-to-ipv4() (from ELIZABETH)

0.0.4  2018-06-21T16:51:22-06:00
    - Performance improvement in ipv4-to-int() (from ELIZABETH)
    - Further POD changes to make more Perl6-ish

0.0.3  2018-06-20T20:52:24-06:00
    - Add code of conduct and contributing information
    - Fix formatting of

0.0.2  2018-06-19T10:15:10-06:00
    - Follow Perl6 idioms better
    - Tests were sometimes failing, adjust.

0.0.1  2018-06-17T16:48:25-06:00
    - Initial version