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Net::BGP cpan:JMASLAK last updated on 2019-09-09

Revision history for Perl6-Net-BGP

0.1.6  2019-09-09T16:23:21-06:00
    - Enhancement: Decode capability 128 (obsolete Cisco route refresh)
    - Enhancement: Decode long commmunity path attribute (attribute 32)
    - Bug fix: bgpmon.p6 ASN filter should be optional

0.1.5  2019-09-07T20:58:13-06:00
    - Feature: Add --filter-asn option to bgpmon.p6
    - Feature: Display the cause of a filter match in long output format
    - Enhancement: Filtering performance increase

0.1.4  2019-09-07T10:47:40-06:00
    - Feature: basic ANSI colorization (--color) with bgpmon.pl6
    - Feature: decode cap code 66 (deprecated dynamic capabilities)
    - Enhancement: bgpmon should scale properly on multi-cpu machines
    - Enhancement: rename bgpmon to bgpmon.p6 to fit P6 conventions

0.1.3  2019-09-02T17:38:10-06:00
    - Bugfix: UPDATE messages now update receive state timers
    - Feature: bgpmon.pl6 now can suppress output of UPDATE messages

0.1.2  2019-06-24T08:25:02-06:00
    - Moved Net::BGP::Socket* into independent module (TCP::LowLevel)

0.1.1  2019-02-02T19:43:36-07:00
    - Lint: Exclude own and peer ASN from alerting as an aggregator
    - Lint: Alert on AS4-Path found across an AS4 peer session
    - Lint: Alert on reserved/doc/private/AS_TRANS in AS path
    - Lint: Performance improvement

0.1.0  2019-01-28T22:02:15-07:00
    - Improve lint mode (added new lint checks and refactored)

0.0.9  2019-01-27T16:38:06-07:00
    - Added Aggregator attribute handling
    - Was not properly validating Origin value
    - Lint mode (bgpmon.pl6)
    - Support of AS4-Aggregate

0.0.8  2019-01-26T16:04:13-07:00
    - Print Atomic Aggregate nicely when stringifying Update messages

0.0.7  2019-01-10T21:01:06-07:00
    - Remove bad NativeCall calls

0.0.6  2019-01-10T18:53:09-07:00
    - Allow bgpmon to send communities along with new prefix
    - Allow bgpmon to listen on IPv6 addresses
    - Remove unnecessary debugging statements

0.0.5  2019-01-09T21:28:32-07:00
    - Add allow-unknown-peers
    - Add undocumented option to bgpmon to announce the RIPE test
      attribute - see
    - Fix announcement of IPv6 prefixes by bgpmon.pl6

0.0.4  2019-01-06T11:19:23-07:00
    - Improve performance of IPv4 UPDATE messages
    - Improve handling of closed connections (they should not kill the

0.0.3  2019-01-05T16:22:37-07:00
    - Add announce() method to Net::BGP to announce prefixes easier
    - Improve documentation
    - Reformatting class modules (mostly whitespace and adding

0.0.2  2019-01-02T20:35:31-07:00
    - Fix crash when receiving packet with no NLRI6 data
    - Allow specification of IPv6 address family to bgpmon (--af-ipv6)
    - Reduce bloat

0.0.1  2018-12-31T19:42:45-07:00
    - Initial version