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Object::Delayed cpan:ELIZABETH last updated on 2019-01-10

Revision history for Object-Delayed

0.0.6  2019-01-10T21:41:41+01:00
    - make sure Object::Trampoline is at 0.0.5 *or higher*

0.0.5  2018-12-01T12:31:26+01:00
    - Expand pod a little bit, emphasize 2 subs being exported
    - Fix wording in pod about "catchup"

0.0.4  2018-11-16T13:04:04+01:00
    - Version bump to try to get Travis to go to green

0.0.3  2018-09-22T22:36:48+02:00
    - Finally got slack to work with class attributes

0.0.2  2018-09-22T20:50:47+02:00
    - Fixed race condition in catchup tests

0.0.1  2018-09-22T19:15:13+02:00
    - Initial version