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PDF::Font::Loader cpan:WARRINGD last updated on 2019-07-22

Release 0.2.4
   - [PDF::Font::Loader::Dict] Prefer toUnicode map
     over encoding in font dictionaries
   - Adjustments for Font::FreeType 0.1.7.

Release 0.2.3
   - added experimental loading from a PDF Font dictionary.

     load-font: :$dict

     Backported from [PDF::To::Cairo::]FontLoader.

Release 0.2.2
    - replace positional with :family parameter in find-font(),
      load-font(). For consistancy with PDF::Content.load-font

Release 0.2.1
    - renamed classes PDF::DAO -> PDF::COS in PDF v0.2.8

Release 0.2.0
    - warn on Type1 Font being embedded, but not used

Release 0.1.9
    - fix scoping issues with Identity-H encoding
    - don't compress Type1 fonts. These are already encrypted.
    - simplify load-font multi-methods

Release 0.1.8
    support for PDF::To::Cairo font (WIP)

Release 0.1.7
    - fix kern method

Release 0.1.6
    - Add FontDescriptor dictionary required fields:
          ItalicAngle, StemV, CapHeight, XHeight

Release 0.1.5
    - Add :find-font, :load-font export subs
    - Add load-font :embed option

Release 0.1.4
    - Renamed dist PDF::Font -> PDF::Font::Loader

Release 0.1.2
    - Add .find-font, :weight, :width, :slant options

Release 0.1.1
    - Restrict type-1 font to Win encoding, freetype to Identity-H.
    - Added PDF::Font.find-font method

Release 0.1.0
    - Fixed font dictionary for type1 identity-h encoding
    - Changed method load-font:
      -- PDF::Font.load-font: :$file; # load from a font file
      -- PDF::Font.load-font: :$name; # load a font by name (experimental)

Release 0.0.3
    - Documentation changes

Release 0.0.2
    - Avoid loading TrueType Collections (type *.ttc). Not supported
      by Ghostscript 9.20 (and possibly other readers)

Release 0.0.1
    - Initial release