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PDF::ISO_32000 cpan:WARRINGD last updated on 2019-07-24



The PDF 32000-1:2008 1.7 Specification contains around 380 tables, of which about 280 can be considered data or object definitions.

PDF::Class (at last count) implements roles and classes for about 100 of these objects, most of which have been directly generated and/or checked against the roles generated by this module.

In a nutshell, this module has been used to extract and generate the roles and classes from the PDF specification for use by PDF::Class.

This library contains:

The roles are named ISO_32000::Xxxx and contain method stubs and documentation for each entry in the role


Data is available for all of the tables in the PDF-32000 1.7 specification:

use PDF::ISO_32000;
# Load data about the Document Information dictionary
my %info = PDF::ISO_32000.table: "Info_entries";
say %info<caption>;             # Table 317 – Entries in the document information dictionary
say %info<head>.join(" | ");    # Key | Type | Value
say %info<rows>[0].join(" | "); # Title | text string | (Optional; PDF 1.1) The document’s title.

The table-index method returns a list that maps table numbers to table names:

say PDF::ISO_32000.table-index[317] # Info_entries

The appendix method returns a hash index into the Appendix:

my $stream-ops = PDF::ISO_32000.appendix<A.1>;
say $stream-ops, # PDF_content_stream_operators
say PDF::ISO_32000.table($stream-ops)<caption>; #  Table A.1 – PDF content stream operators


Roles are available for tables named *_entries, or *_attributes.

% p6doc ISO_320000:Info
% p6doc ISO_320000:Catalog

The roles also contain method stubs for the entries that need to be implemented for the role. For example:

% cat << EOF > lib/Catalog.pm6
use ISO_32000::Catalog;
class Catalog does ISO_32000::Catalog {
% perl6 -I lib -M Catalog
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/lib/Catalog.pm6 (Catalog)
Method 'SpiderInfo' must be implemented by Catalog because it is required by roles: ISO_32000::Catalog.
at lib/Catalog.pm6 (Catalog):1

This module contains:

todo: run-time introspection of resources and generated artefacts, e.g.:

use PDF::ISO_32000;
PDF::ISO_32000.table[28].xhtml;          # ?? access extracted xhtml by table number ??
PDF::ISO_32000.table[28].json;           # ?? access converted json by table number ??
PDF::ISO_32000.table<Catalog>.interface; # ?? access generated role by table name ??

Scripts in this Distribution

pdf-struct-dump.p6 --password=Xxxx --page=i --max-depth=j --search-tag=Ttt --select=k --obj-num=l --gen-num=m --render --atts --debug src/PDF32000_2008.pdf

Dumps tagged PDF content as XML.

At the moment just does enough to semi-reliably extract content from the PDF ISO-32000 specification documents. Could evolve into a general purpose tool for mining elements from tagged PDF's.

ISO 3200 Roles

The following interface roles have been mined from the ISO-32000 specification

Roles and Entries

ISO_32000 Reference Role Entries
Table 193 – Entries common to all action dictionaries Action_common /Type /S /Next
Table 21 – Additional encryption dictionary entries for the standard security handler Additional_encryption /R /O /U /P /EncryptMetadata
Table 91 – Entries in an Alternate Image Dictionary Alternate_Image /Image /DefaultForPrinting /OC
Table 194 – Entries in an annotation’s additional-actions dictionary Annotation_additional_actions /E /X /D /U /Fo /Bl /PO /PC /PV /PI
Table 164 – Entries common to all annotation dictionaries Annotation_common /Type /Subtype /Rect /Contents /P /NM /M /F /AP /AS /Border /C /StructParent /OC
Table 170 – Additional entries specific to markup annotations Annotation_markup_additional /T /Popup /CA /RC /CreationDate /IRT /Subj /RT /IT /ExData
Table 168 – Entries in an appearance dictionary Appearance /N /R /D
Table 189 – Entries in an appearance characteristics dictionary Appearance_characteristics /R /BC /BG /CA /RC /AC /I /RI /IX /IF /TP
Table 330 – Property list entries for artifacts Artifact /Type /BBox /Attached /Subtype
Table 327 – Entry common to all attribute object dictionaries Attribute_object /O
Table 328 – Additional entries in an attribute object dictionary for user properties Attribute_object_for_user_properties /O /P
Table 161 – Entries in a bead dictionary Bead /Type /T /N /V /P /R
Table 167 – Entries in a border effect dictionary Border_effect /S /I
Table 166 – Entries in a border style dictionary Border_style /Type /W /S /D
Table 360 – Entries in a box colour information dictionary Box_colour_information /CropBox /BleedBox /TrimBox /ArtBox
Table 361 – Entries in a box style dictionary Box_style /C /W /S /D
Table 11 – Optional parameters for the CCITTFaxDecode filter CCITTFax_filter /K /EndOfLine /EncodedByteAlign /Columns /Rows /EndOfBlock /BlackIs1 /DamagedRowsBeforeError
Table 117 – Entries in a CIDFont dictionary CIDFont /Type /Subtype /BaseFont /CIDSystemInfo /FontDescriptor /DW /W /DW2 /W2 /CIDToGIDMap
Table 124 – Additional font descriptor entries for CIDFonts CIDFont_descriptor_additional /Style /Lang /FD /CIDSet
Table 116 – Entries in a CIDSystemInfo dictionary CIDSystemInfo /Registry /Ordering /Supplement
Table 120 – Additional entries in a CMap stream dictionary CMap_stream /Type /CMapName /CIDSystemInfo /WMode /UseCMap
Table 225 – CSS2 style attributes used in rich text strings CSS2_style /text-align /vertical-align /font-size /font-style /font-weight /font-family /font /color /text-decoration /font-stretch
Table 63 – Entries in a CalGray Colour Space Dictionary CalGray_colour_space /WhitePoint /BlackPoint /Gamma
Table 64 – Entries in a CalRGB Colour Space Dictionary CalRGB_colour_space /WhitePoint /BlackPoint /Gamma /Matrix
Table 180 – Additional entries specific to a caret annotation Caret_annotation_additional /Subtype /RD /Sy
Table 28 – Entries in the catalog dictionary Catalog /Type /Version /Extensions /Pages /PageLabels /Names /Dests /ViewerPreferences /PageLayout /PageMode /Outlines /Threads /OpenAction /AA /URI /AcroForm /Metadata /StructTreeRoot /MarkInfo /Lang /SpiderInfo /OutputIntents /PieceInfo /OCProperties /Perms /Legal /Requirements /Collection /NeedsRendering
Table 31 – Entries in the name dictionary Catalog_Name_tree /Dests /AP /JavaScript /Pages /Templates /IDS /URLS /EmbeddedFiles /AlternatePresentations /Renditions
Table 197 – Entries in the document catalog’s additional-actions dictionary Catalog_additional_actions /WC /WS /DS /WP /DP
Table 235 – Entries in a certificate seed value dictionary Certificate_seed_value /Type /Ff /Subject /SubjectDN /KeyUsage /Issuer /OID /URL /URLType
Table 227 – Additional entry specific to check box and radio button fields Check_box_and_radio_button_additional /Opt
Table 231 – Additional entries specific to a choice field Choice_field_additional /Opt /TI /I
Table 155 – Entries in a collection dictionary Collection /Type /Schema /D /View /Sort
Table 157 – Entries in a collection field dictionary Collection_field /Type /Subtype /N /O /V /E
Table 48 – Entries in a collection item dictionary Collection_item /Type
Table 156 – Entries in a collection schema dictionary Collection_schema /Type
Table 158 – Entries in a collection sort dictionary Collection_sort /Type /S /A
Table 49 – Entries in a collection subitem dictionary Collection_subitem /Type /D /P
Table 17 – Additional entries specific to a cross-reference stream dictionary Cross_reference_stream /Type /Size /Index /Prev /W
Table 14 – Optional parameters for Crypt filters Crypt_filter /Type /Name
Table 25 – Entries common to all crypt filter dictionaries Crypt_filter_common /Type /CFM /AuthEvent /Length
Table 27 – Additional crypt filter dictionary entries for public-key security handlers Crypt_filter_public-key_additional /Recipients /EncryptMetadata
Table 13 – Optional parameter for the DCTDecode filter DCT_filter /ColorTransform
Table 319 – Entries in an data dictionary Data /LastModified /Private
Table 50 – Entries in a developer extensions dictionary Developer_extensions /Type /BaseVersion /ExtensionLevel
Table 71 – Entries in a DeviceN Colour Space Attributes Dictionary DeviceN_colour_space /Subtype /Colorants /Process /MixingHints
Table 73 – Entries in a DeviceN Mixing Hints Dictionary DeviceN_mixing_hints /Solidities /PrintingOrder /DotGain
Table 72 – Entries in a DeviceN Process Dictionary DeviceN_process /ColorSpace /Components
Table 254 – Entries in the DocMDP transform parameters dictionary DocMDP_transform /Type /P /V
Table 46 – Entries in an embedded file parameter dictionary Embedded_file_parameter /Size /CreationDate /ModDate /Mac /CheckSum
Table 45 – Additional entries in an embedded file stream dictionary Embedded_file_stream /Type /Subtype /Params
Table 127 – Additional entries in an embedded font stream dictionary Embedded_font_stream_additional /Length1 /Length2 /Length3 /Subtype /Metadata
Table 201 – Additional entries specific to an embedded go-to action Embedded_goto_action_additional /S /F /D /NewWindow /T
Table 114 – Entries in an encoding dictionary Encoding /Type /BaseEncoding /Differences
Table 20 – Entries common to all encryption dictionaries Encryption_common /Filter /SubFilter /V /Length /CF /StmF /StrF /EFF
Table 251 – Additional entry for annotation dictionaries in an FDF file FDF_annotation_additional /Page
Table 242 – Entries in the FDF catalog dictionary FDF_catalog /Version /FDF
Table 243 – Entries in the FDF dictionary FDF_dictionary /F /ID /Fields /Status /Pages /Encoding /Annots /Differences /Target /EmbeddedFDFs /JavaScript
Table 246 – Entries in an FDF field dictionary FDF_field /Kids /T /V /Ff /SetFf /ClrFf /F /SetF /ClrF /AP /APRef /IF /Opt /A /AA /RV
Table 250 – Entries in an FDF named page reference dictionary FDF_named_page_reference /Name /F
Table 248 – Entries in an FDF page dictionary FDF_page /Templates /Info
Table 249 – Entries in an FDF template dictionary FDF_template /TRef /Fields /Rename
Table 241 – Entry in the FDF trailer dictionary FDF_trailer /Root
Table 256 – Entries in the FieldMDP transform parameters dictionary FieldMDP_transform /Type /Action /Fields /V
Table 220 – Entries common to all field dictionaries Field_common /FT /Parent /Kids /T /TU /TM /Ff /V /DV /AA
Table 184 – Additional entries specific to a file attachment annotation File_attachment_annotation_additional /Subtype /FS /Name
Table 44 – Entries in a file specification dictionary File_specification /Type /FS /F /UF /DOS /Mac /Unix /ID /V /EF /RF /Desc /CI
Table 15 – Entries in the file trailer dictionary File_trailer /Size /Prev /Root /Encrypt /Info /ID
Table 191 – Entries in a fixed print dictionary Fixed_print /Type /Matrix /H /V
Table 284 – Entries in a floating window parameters dictionary Floating_window_parameter /Type /D /RT /P /O /T /UC /R /TT
Table 122 – Entries common to all font descriptors Font_descriptor_common /Type /FontName /FontFamily /FontStretch /FontWeight /Flags /FontBBox /ItalicAngle /Ascent /Descent /Leading /CapHeight /XHeight /StemV /StemH /AvgWidth /MaxWidth /MissingWidth /FontFile /FontFile2 /FontFile3 /CharSet
Table 332 – Font selector attributes Font_selector /FontFamily /GenericFontFamily /FontSize /FontStretch /FontStyle /FontVariant /FontWeight
Table 196 – Entries in a form field’s additional-actions dictionary Form_additional_actions /K /F /V /C
Table 174 – Additional entries specific to a free text annotation Free_text_annotation_additional /Subtype /DA /Q /RC /DS /CL /IT /BE /RD /BS /LE
Table 38 – Entries common to all function dictionaries Function_common /FunctionType /Domain /Range
Table 216 – Additional entries specific to a go-to-3D-view action Goto_3D_view_action_additional /S /TA /V
Table 199 – Additional entries specific to a go-to action Goto_action_additional /S /D
Table 58 – Entries in a Graphics State Parameter Dictionary Graphics_state /Type /LW /LC /LJ /ML /D /RI /OP /op /OPM /Font /BG /BG2 /UCR /UCR2 /TR /TR2 /HT /FL /SM /SA /BM /SMask /CA /ca /AIS /TK
Table 96 – Entries Common to all Group Attributes Dictionaries Group_Attributes_common /Type /S
Table 210 – Additional entries specific to a hide action Hide_action_additional /S /T /H
Table 19 – Additional entries in a hybrid-reference file’s trailer dictionary Hybrid-reference /XRefStm
Table 66 – Additional Entries Specific to an ICC Profile Stream Dictionary ICC_profile /N /Alternate /Range /Metadata
Table 247 – Entries in an icon fit dictionary Icon_fit /SW /S /A /FB
Table 89 – Additional Entries Specific to an Image Dictionary Image /Type /Subtype /Width /Height /ColorSpace /BitsPerComponent /Intent /ImageMask /Mask /Decode /Interpolate /Alternates /SMask /SMaskInData /Name /StructParent /ID /OPI /Metadata /OC
Table 240 – Additional entries specific to an import-data action Import-data_action_additional /S /F
Table 317 – Entries in the document information dictionary Info /Title /Author /Subject /Keywords /Creator /Producer /CreationDate /ModDate /Trapped
Table 182 – Additional entries specific to an ink annotation Ink_annotation_additional /Subtype /InkList /BS
Table 93 – Entries in an Inline Image Object Inline_Image /BitsPerComponent /ColorSpace /Decode /DecodeParms /Filter /Height /ImageMask /Intent /Interpolate /Width
Table 218 – Entries in the interactive form dictionary Interactive_form /Fields /NeedAppearances /SigFlags /CO /DR /DA /Q /XFA
Table 12 – Optional parameter for the JBIG2Decode filter JBIG2_filter /JBIG2Globals
Table 245 – Entries in the JavaScript dictionary JavaScript /Before /After /AfterPermsReady /Doc
Table 217 – Additional entries specific to a JavaScript action JavaScript_action_additional /S /JS
Table 8 – Optional parameters for LZWDecode and FlateDecode filters LZW_and_Flate_filter /Predictor /Colors /BitsPerComponent /Columns /EarlyChange
Table 65 – Entries in a Lab Colour Space Dictionary Lab_colour_space /WhitePoint /BlackPoint /Range
Table 203 – Additional entries specific to a launch action Launch_action_additional /S /F /Win /Mac /Unix /NewWindow
Table 259 – Entries in a legal attestation dictionary Legal_attestation /JavaScriptActions /LaunchActions /URIActions /MovieActions /SoundActions /HideAnnotationActions /GoToRemoteActions /AlternateImages /ExternalStreams /TrueTypeFonts /ExternalRefXobjects /ExternalOPIdicts /NonEmbeddedFonts /DevDepGS_OP /DevDepGS_HT /DevDepGS_TR /DevDepGS_UCR /DevDepGS_BG /DevDepGS_FL /Annotations /OptionalContent /Attestation
Table 175 – Additional entries specific to a line annotation Line_annotation_additional /Subtype /L /BS /LE /IC /LL /LLE /Cap /IT /LLO /CP /Measure /CO
Table F. 1 – Entries in the linearization parameter dictionary Linearization_parameter /Linearized /L /H /O /E /N /T /P
Table 173 – Additional entries specific to a link annotation Link_annotation_additional /Subtype /A /Dest /H /PA /QuadPoints /BS
Table 47 – Entries in a Mac OS file information dictionary MacOS_file_information /Subtype /Creator /ResFork
Table 321 – Entries in the mark information dictionary Mark_information /Marked /UserProperties /Suspects
Table 324 – Entries in a marked-content reference dictionary Marked_content_reference /Type /Pg /Stm /StmOwn /MCID
Table 261 – Entries in a measure dictionary Measure /Type /Subtype
Table 273 – Entries common to all media clip dictionaries Media_clip_common /Type /S /N
Table 274 – Additional entries in a media clip data dictionary Media_clip_data /D /CT /P /Alt /PL /MH /BE
Table 276 – Entries in a media clip data MH/BE dictionary Media_clip_data_MH-BE /BU
Table 277 – Additional entries in a media clip section dictionary Media_clip_section /D /Alt /MH /BE
Table 278 – Entries in a media clip section MH/BE dictionary Media_clip_section_MH-BE /B /E
Table 281 – Entries in a media duration dictionary Media_duration /Type /S /T
Table 285 – Entries common to all media offset dictionaries Media_offset_common /Type /S
Table 287 – Additional entries in a media offset frame dictionary Media_offset_frame /F
Table 288 – Additional entries in a media offset marker dictionary Media_offset_marker /M
Table 286 – Additional entries in a media offset time dictionary Media_offset_time /T
Table 275 – Entries in a media permissions dictionary Media_permissions /Type /TF
Table 279 – Entries in a media play parameters dictionary Media_play_parameters /Type /PL /MH /BE
Table 291 – Entries in a media player info dictionary Media_player_info /Type /PID /MH /BE
Table 290 – Entries in a media players dictionary Media_players /Type /MU /A /NU
Table 271 – Additional entries in a media rendition dictionary Media_rendition /C /P /SP
Table 282 – Entries in a media screen parameters dictionary Media_screen_parameters /Type /MH /BE
Table 283 – Entries in a media screen parameters MH/BE dictionary Media_screen_parameters_MH-BE /W /B /O /M /F
Table 316 – Additional entry for components having metadata Metadata_additional /Metadata
Table 315 – Additional entries in a metadata stream dictionary Metadata_stream_additional /Type /Subtype
Table 269 – Entries in a minimum bit depth dictionary Minimum_bit_depth /Type /V /M
Table 270 – Entries in a minimum screen size dictionary Minimum_screen_size /Type /V /M
Table 295 – Entries in a movie dictionary Movie /F /Aspect /Rotate /Poster
Table 209 – Additional entries specific to a movie action Movie_action_additional /S /Annotation /T /Operation
Table 296 – Entries in a movie activation dictionary Movie_activation /Start /Duration /Rate /Volume /ShowControls /Mode /Synchronous /FWScale /FWPosition
Table 186 – Additional entries specific to a movie annotation Movie_annotation_additional /Subtype /T /Movie /A
Table 36 – Entries in a name tree node dictionary Name_tree_node /Kids /Names /Limits
Table 212 – Additional entries specific to named actions Named_action_additional /S /N
Table 163 – Entries in a navigation node dictionary Navigation_node /Type /NA /PA /Next /Prev /Dur
Table 263 – Entries in a number format dictionary Number_format /Type /U /C /F /D /FD /RT /RD /PS /SS /O
Table 37 – Entries in a number tree node dictionary Number_tree_node /Kids /Nums /Limits
Table 368 – Entry in an OPI version dictionary OPI_version
Table 369 – Entries in a version 1.3 OPI dictionary OPI_version_1_3 /Type /Version /F /ID /Comments /Size /CropRect /CropFixed /Position /Resolution /ColorType /Color /Tint /Overprint /ImageType /GrayMap /Transparency /Tags
Table 370 – Entries in a version 2.0 OPI dictionary OPI_version_2_0 /Type /Version /F /MainImage /Tags /Size /CropRect /Overprint /Inks /IncludedImageDimensions /IncludedImageQuality
Table 325 – Entries in an object reference dictionary Object_reference /Type /Pg /Obj
Table 16 – Additional entries specific to an object stream dictionary Object_stream /Type /N /First /Extends
Table 101 – Entries in an Optional Content Configuration Dictionary Optional_Content_Configuration /Name /Creator /BaseState /ON /OFF /Intent /AS /Order /ListMode /RBGroups /Locked
Table 98 – Entries in an Optional Content Group Dictionary Optional_Content_Group /Type /Name /Intent /Usage
Table 103 – Entries in a Usage Application Dictionary Optional_Content_Group_Application /Event /OCGs /Category
Table 99 – Entries in an Optional Content Membership Dictionary Optional_Content_Group_Membership /Type /OCGs /P /VE
Table 100 – Entries in the Optional Content Properties Dictionary Optional_Content_Group_Properties /OCGs /D /Configs
Table 102 – Entries in an Optional Content Usage Dictionary Optional_Content_Group_Usage /CreatorInfo /Language /Export /Zoom /Print /View /User /PageElement
Table 152 – Entries in the outline dictionary Outline /Type /First /Last /Count
Table 153 – Entries in an outline item dictionary Outline_item /Title /Parent /Prev /Next /First /Last /Count /Dest /A /SE /C /F
Table 365 – Entries in an output intent dictionary Output_intent /Type /S /OutputCondition /OutputConditionIdentifier /RegistryName /Info /DestOutputProfile
Table 318 – Entries in a page-piece dictionary Page-piece
Table 30 – Entries in a page object Page /Type /Parent /LastModified /Resources /MediaBox /CropBox /BleedBox /TrimBox /ArtBox /BoxColorInfo /Contents /Rotate /Group /Thumb /B /Dur /Trans /Annots /AA /Metadata /PieceInfo /StructParents /ID /PZ /SeparationInfo /Tabs /TemplateInstantiated /PresSteps /UserUnit /VP
Table 195 – Entries in a page object’s additional-actions dictionary Page_additional_actions /O /C
Table 159 – Entries in a page label dictionary Page_label /Type /S /P /St
Table 29 – Required entries in a page tree node Pages /Type /Parent /Kids /Count
Table 258 – Entries in a permissions dictionary Permissions /DocMDP /UR3
Table 178 – Additional entries specific to a polygon or polyline annotation Polygon_or_polyline_annotation_additional /Subtype /Vertices /LE /BS /IC /BE /IT /Measure
Table 183 – Additional entries specific to a pop-up annotation Popup_annotation_additional /Subtype /Parent /Open
Table 88 – Additional Entries Specific to a PostScript XObject Dictionary Postscript_XObject /Type /Subtype /Level1
Table 348 – PrintField attributes PrintField /Role /checked /Desc
Table 362 – Additional entries specific to a printer’s mark annotation Printers_mark_annotation /Subtype /MN
Table 363 – Additional entries specific to a printer’s mark form dictionary Printers_mark_form /MarkStyle /Colorants
Table 305 – Entries in a projection dictionary Projection /Subtype /CS /F /N /FOV /PS /OS /OB
Table 23 – Additional encryption dictionary entries for public-key security handlers Public_key_security_handler_additional /Recipients /P
Table 262 – Additional entries in a rectilinear measure dictionary Rectilinear_measure_additional /R /X /Y /D /A /T /S /O /CYX
Table 192 – Additional entries specific to a redaction annotation Redaction_annotation_additional /Subtype /QuadPoints /IC /RO /OverlayText /Repeat /DA /Q
Table 97 – Entries in a Reference Dictionary Reference /F /Page /ID
Table 200 – Additional entries specific to a remote go-to action Remote_goto_action_additional /S /F /D /NewWindow
Table 307 – Entries in a render mode dictionary Render_mode /Type /Subtype /AC /FC /O /CV
Table 267 – Entries in a rendition MH/BE dictionary Rendition_MH-BE /C
Table 214 – Additional entries specific to a rendition action Rendition_action_additional /S /R /AN /OP /JS
Table 266 – Entries common to all rendition dictionaries Rendition_common /Type /S /N /MH /BE
Table 268 – Entries in a media criteria dictionary Rendition_criteria /Type /A /C /O /S /R /D /Z /V /P /L
Table 264 – Entries common to all requirement dictionaries Requirement_common /Type /S /RH
Table 265 – Entries in a requirement handler dictionary Requirement_handler /Type /S /Script
Table 238 – Additional entries specific to a reset-form action Reset_form_action /S /Fields /Flags
Table 33 – Entries in a resource dictionary Resource /ExtGState /ColorSpace /Pattern /Shading /XObject /Font /ProcSet /Properties
Table 181 – Additional entries specific to a rubber stamp annotation Rubber_stamp_annotation_additional /Subtype /Name
Table 187 – Additional entries specific to a screen annotation Screen_annotation_additional /Subtype /T /MK /A /AA
Table 272 – Additional entries specific to a selector rendition dictionary Selector_rendition /R
Table 364 – Entries in a separation dictionary Separation /Pages /DeviceColorant /ColorSpace
Table 213 – Additional entries specific to a set-OCG-state action Set-OCG-state_action_additional /S /State /PreserveRB
Table 78 – Entries Common to All Shading Dictionaries Shading_common /ShadingType /ColorSpace /Background /BBox /AntiAlias
Table 252 – Entries in a signature dictionary Signature /Type /Filter /SubFilter /Contents /Cert /ByteRange /Reference /Changes /Name /M /Location /Reason /ContactInfo /R /V /Prop_Build /Prop_AuthTime /Prop_AuthType
Table 232 – Additional entries specific to a signature field Signature_field /Lock /SV
Table 233 – Entries in a signature field lock dictionary Signature_field_lock /Type /Action /Fields
Table 234 – Entries in a signature field seed value dictionary Signature_field_seed_value /Type /Ff /Filter /SubFilter /DigestMethod /V /Cert /Reasons /MDP /TimeStamp /LegalAttestation /AddRevInfo
Table 253 – Entries in a signature reference dictionary Signature_reference /Type /TransformMethod /TransformParams /Data /DigestMethod
Table 297 – Entries in a slideshow dictionary Slideshow /Type /Subtype /Resources /StartResource
Table 144 – Entries in a soft-mask dictionary Soft-mask /Type /S /G /BC /TR
Table 146 – Additional entry in a soft-mask image dictionary Soft-mask_image_additional /Matte
Table 292 – Entries in a software identifier dictionary Software_identifier /Type /U /L /LI /H /HI /OS
Table 208 – Additional entries specific to a sound action Sound_action_additional /S /Sound /Volume /Synchronous /Repeat /Mix
Table 185 – Additional entries specific to a sound annotation Sound_annotation_additional /Subtype /Sound /Name
Table 294 – Additional entries specific to a sound object Sound_object /Type /R /C /B /E /CO /CP
Table 355 – Entries in a source information dictionary Source_information /AU /TS /E /S /C
Table 177 – Additional entries specific to a square or circle annotation Square_or_circle_annotation_additional /Subtype /BS /IC /BE /RD
Table 346 – Standard column attributes Standard_column /ColumnCount /ColumnGap /ColumnWidths
Table 345 – Standard layout attributes specific to inline-level structure elements Standard_inline-level_structure_element /BaselineShift /LineHeight /TextDecorationColor /TextDecorationThickness /TextDecorationType /RubyAlign /RubyPosition /GlyphOrientationVertical
Table 344 – Additional standard layout attributes specific to block-level structure elements Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element /SpaceBefore /SpaceAfter /StartIndent /EndIndent /TextIndent /TextAlign /BBox /Width /Height /BlockAlign /InlineAlign /TBorderStyle /TPadding
Table 343 – Standard layout attributes common to all standard structure types Standard_layout_structure_type /Placement /WritingMode /BackgroundColor /BorderColor /BorderStyle /BorderThickness /Padding /Color
Table 347 – Standard list attribute Standard_list /ListNumbering
Table 349 – Standard table attributes Standard_table /RowSpan /ColSpan /Headers /Scope /Summary
Table 5 – Entries common to all stream dictionaries Stream_common /Length /Filter /DecodeParms /F /FFilter /FDecodeParms /DL
Table 326 – Additional dictionary entries for structure element access Structure_element_access_additional /StructParent /StructParents
Table 323 – Entries in a structure element dictionary Structure_tree_element /Type /S /P /ID /Pg /K /A /C /R /T /Lang /Alt /E /ActualText
Table 322 – Entries in the structure tree root Structure_tree_root /Type /K /IDTree /ParentTree /ParentTreeNextKey /RoleMap /ClassMap
Table 236 – Additional entries specific to a submit-form action Submit_form_action /S /F /Fields /Flags
Table 202 – Entries specific to a target dictionary Target /R /N /P /A /T
Table 172 – Additional entries specific to a text annotation Text_annotation_additional /Subtype /Open /Name /State /StateModel
Table 229 – Additional entry specific to a text field Text_field_additional /MaxLen
Table 179 – Additional entries specific to text markup annotations Text_markup_annotation_additional /Subtype /QuadPoints
Table 160 – Entries in a thread dictionary Thread /Type /F /I
Table 205 – Additional entries specific to a thread action Thread_action_additional /S /F /D /B
Table 299 – Entries in a 3D activation dictionary Three-D_activation /A /AIS /D /DIS /TB /NP
Table 301 – Entries in an 3D animation style dictionary Three-D_animation_style /Type /Subtype /PC /TM
Table 298 – Additional entries specific to a 3D annotation Three-D_annotation /Subtype /3DD /3DV /3DA /3DI /3DB
Table 306 – Entries in a 3D background dictionary Three-D_background /Type /Subtype /CS /C /EA
Table 311 – Entries in a 3D cross section dictionary Three-D_cross_section /Type /C /O /PO /PC /IV /IC
Table 313 – Entries in an external data dictionary used to markup 3D annotations Three-D_external_data /Type /Subtype /MD5 /3DA /3DV
Table 309 – Entries in a 3D lighting scheme dictionary Three-D_lighting /Type /Subtype
Table 312 – Entries in a 3D node dictionary Three-D_node /Type /N /O /V /M
Table 303 – Entries in a 3D reference dictionary Three-D_reference /Type /3DD
Table 300 – Entries in a 3D stream dictionary Three-D_stream /Type /Subtype /VA /DV /Resources /OnInstantiate /AN
Table 304 – Entries in a 3D view dictionary Three-D_view /Type /XN /IN /MS /C2W /U3DPath /CO /P /O /BG /RM /LS /SA /NA /NR
Table 289 – Entries in a timespan dictionary Timespan /Type /S /V
Table 162 – Entries in a transition dictionary Transition /Type /S /D /Dm /M /Di /SS /B
Table 215 – Additional entries specific to a transition action Transition_action_additional /S /Trans
Table 147 – Additional entries specific to a transparency group attributes dictionary Transparency_group_additional /S /CS /I /K
Table 366 – Additional entries specific to a trap network annotation Trap_network_annotation /Subtype /LastModified /Version /AnnotStates /FontFauxing
Table 367 – Additional entries specific to a trap network appearance stream Trap_network_appearance_stream /PCM /SeparationColorNames /TrapRegions /TrapStyles
Table 121 – Entries in a Type 0 font dictionary Type_0_Font /Type /Subtype /BaseFont /Encoding /DescendantFonts /ToUnicode
Table 39 – Additional entries specific to a type 0 function dictionary Type_0_Function /Size /BitsPerSample /Order /Encode /Decode
Table 132 – Additional entries specific to a type 10 halftone dictionary Type_10_halftone /Type /HalftoneType /HalftoneName /Xsquare /Ysquare /TransferFunction
Table 133 – Additional entries specific to a type 16 halftone dictionary Type_16_halftone /Type /HalftoneType /HalftoneName /Width /Height /Width2 /Height2 /TransferFunction
Table 111 – Entries in a Type 1 font dictionary Type_1_Font /Type /Subtype /Name /BaseFont /FirstChar /LastChar /Widths /FontDescriptor /Encoding /ToUnicode
Table 95 – Additional Entries Specific to a Type 1 Form Dictionary Type_1_Form /Type /Subtype /FormType /BBox /Matrix /Resources /Group /Ref /Metadata /PieceInfo /LastModified /StructParent /StructParents /OPI /OC /Name
Table 75 – Additional Entries Specific to a Type 1 Pattern Dictionary Type_1_Pattern /Type /PatternType /PaintType /TilingType /BBox /XStep /YStep /Resources /Matrix
Table 79 – Additional Entries Specific to a Type 1 Shading Dictionary Type_1_Shading /Domain /Matrix /Function
Table 130 – Entries in a type 1 halftone dictionary Type_1_halftone /Type /HalftoneType /HalftoneName /Frequency /Angle /SpotFunction /AccurateScreens /TransferFunction
Table 40 – Additional entries specific to a type 2 function dictionary Type_2_Function /C0 /C1 /N
Table 76 – Entries in a Type 2 Pattern Dictionary Type_2_Pattern /Type /PatternType /Shading /Matrix /ExtGState
Table 80 – Additional Entries Specific to a Type 2 Shading Dictionary Type_2_Shading /Coords /Domain /Function /Extend
Table 112 – Entries in a Type 3 font dictionary Type_3_Font /Type /Subtype /Name /FontBBox /FontMatrix /CharProcs /Encoding /FirstChar /LastChar /Widths /FontDescriptor /Resources /ToUnicode
Table 41 – Additional entries specific to a type 3 function dictionary Type_3_Function /Functions /Bounds /Encode
Table 81 – Additional Entries Specific to a Type 3 Shading Dictionary Type_3_Shading /Coords /Domain /Function /Extend
Table 82 – Additional Entries Specific to a Type 4 Shading Dictionary Type_4_Shading /BitsPerCoordinate /BitsPerComponent /BitsPerFlag /Decode /Function
Table 83 – Additional Entries Specific to a Type 5 Shading Dictionary Type_5_Shading /BitsPerCoordinate /BitsPerComponent /VerticesPerRow /Decode /Function
Table 134 – Entries in a type 5 halftone dictionary Type_5_halftone /Type /HalftoneType /HalftoneName /Default
Table 84 – Additional Entries Specific to a Type 6 Shading Dictionary Type_6_Shading /BitsPerCoordinate /BitsPerComponent /BitsPerFlag /Decode /Function
Table 131 – Additional entries specific to a type 6 halftone dictionary Type_6_halftone /Type /HalftoneType /HalftoneName /Width /Height /TransferFunction
Table 207 – Entry in a URI dictionary URI /Base
Table 206 – Additional entries specific to a URI action URI_action_additional /S /URI /IsMap
Table 356 – Entries in a URL alias dictionary URL_alias /U /C
Table 255 – Entries in the UR transform parameters dictionary UR_transform /Type /Document /Msg /V /Annots /Form /Signature /EF /P
Table 329 – Entries in a user property dictionary User_property /N /V /F /H
Table 222 – Additional entries common to all fields containing variable text Variable_text_field /DA /Q /DS /RV
Table 150 – Entries in a viewer preferences dictionary Viewer_preferences /HideToolbar /HideMenubar /HideWindowUI /FitWindow /CenterWindow /DisplayDocTitle /NonFullScreenPageMode /Direction /ViewArea /ViewClip /PrintArea /PrintClip /PrintScaling /Duplex /PickTrayByPDFSize /PrintPageRange /NumCopies
Table 260 – Entries in a viewport dictionary Viewport /Type /BBox /Name /Measure
Table 190 – Additional entries specific to a watermark annotation Watermark_annotation_additional /Subtype /FixedPrint
Table 352 – Entries common to all Web Capture content sets Web_Capture_content_sets /Type /S /ID /O /SI /CT /TS
Table 354 – Additional entries specific to a Web Capture image set Web_Capture_image_set /S /R
Table 350 – Entries in the Web Capture information dictionary Web_Capture_information /V /C
Table 353 – Additional entries specific to a Web Capture page set Web_Capture_page_set_additional /S /T /TID
Table 357 – Entries in a Web Capture command dictionary Web_capture_command /URL /L /F /P /CT /H /S
Table 359 – Entries in a Web Capture command settings dictionary Web_capture_command_settings /G /C
Table 188 – Additional entries specific to a widget annotation Widget_annotation_additional /Subtype /H /MK /A /AA /BS /Parent
Table 204 – Entries in a Windows launch parameter dictionary Windows_launch_parameters /F /D /O /P

Entry to role mappings

Entry ISO_32000 Roles
/3DA Three-D_annotation Three-D_external_data
/3DB Three-D_annotation
/3DD Three-D_annotation Three-D_reference
/3DI Three-D_annotation
/3DV Three-D_annotation Three-D_external_data
/A Collection_sort FDF_field Icon_fit Link_annotation_additional Media_players Movie_annotation_additional Outline_item Rectilinear_measure_additional Rendition_criteria Screen_annotation_additional Structure_tree_element Target Three-D_activation Widget_annotation_additional
/AA Catalog FDF_field Field_common Page Screen_annotation_additional Widget_annotation_additional
/AC Appearance_characteristics Render_mode
/AIS Graphics_state Three-D_activation
/AN Rendition_action_additional Three-D_stream
/AP Annotation_common Catalog_Name_tree FDF_field
/APRef FDF_field
/AS Annotation_common Optional_Content_Configuration
/AU Source_information
/AccurateScreens Type_1_halftone
/AcroForm Catalog
/Action FieldMDP_transform Signature_field_lock
/ActualText Structure_tree_element
/AddRevInfo Signature_field_seed_value
/After JavaScript
/AfterPermsReady JavaScript
/Alt Media_clip_data Media_clip_section Structure_tree_element
/Alternate ICC_profile
/AlternateImages Legal_attestation
/AlternatePresentations Catalog_Name_tree
/Alternates Image
/Angle Type_1_halftone
/AnnotStates Trap_network_annotation
/Annotation Movie_action_additional
/Annotations Legal_attestation
/Annots FDF_dictionary Page UR_transform
/AntiAlias Shading_common
/ArtBox Box_colour_information Page
/Ascent Font_descriptor_common
/Aspect Movie
/Attached Artifact
/Attestation Legal_attestation
/AuthEvent Crypt_filter_common
/Author Info
/AvgWidth Font_descriptor_common
/B Media_clip_section_MH-BE Media_screen_parameters_MH-BE Page Sound_object Thread_action_additional Transition
/BBox Artifact Shading_common Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element Type_1_Form Type_1_Pattern Viewport
/BC Appearance_characteristics Soft-mask
/BE Free_text_annotation_additional Media_clip_data Media_clip_section Media_play_parameters Media_player_info Media_screen_parameters Polygon_or_polyline_annotation_additional Rendition_common Square_or_circle_annotation_additional
/BG Appearance_characteristics Graphics_state Three-D_view
/BG2 Graphics_state
/BM Graphics_state
/BS Free_text_annotation_additional Ink_annotation_additional Line_annotation_additional Link_annotation_additional Polygon_or_polyline_annotation_additional Square_or_circle_annotation_additional Widget_annotation_additional
/BU Media_clip_data_MH-BE
/Background Shading_common
/BackgroundColor Standard_layout_structure_type
/Base URI
/BaseEncoding Encoding
/BaseFont CIDFont Type_0_Font Type_1_Font
/BaseState Optional_Content_Configuration
/BaseVersion Developer_extensions
/BaselineShift Standard_inline-level_structure_element
/Before JavaScript
/BitsPerComponent Image Inline_Image LZW_and_Flate_filter Type_4_Shading Type_5_Shading Type_6_Shading
/BitsPerCoordinate Type_4_Shading Type_5_Shading Type_6_Shading
/BitsPerFlag Type_4_Shading Type_6_Shading
/BitsPerSample Type_0_Function
/Bl Annotation_additional_actions
/BlackIs1 CCITTFax_filter
/BlackPoint CalGray_colour_space CalRGB_colour_space Lab_colour_space
/BleedBox Box_colour_information Page
/BlockAlign Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element
/Border Annotation_common
/BorderColor Standard_layout_structure_type
/BorderStyle Standard_layout_structure_type
/BorderThickness Standard_layout_structure_type
/Bounds Type_3_Function
/BoxColorInfo Page
/ByteRange Signature
/C Annotation_common Box_style Form_additional_actions Media_rendition Number_format Outline_item Page_additional_actions Rendition_MH-BE Rendition_criteria Sound_object Source_information Structure_tree_element Three-D_background Three-D_cross_section URL_alias Web_Capture_information Web_capture_command_settings
/C0 Type_2_Function
/C1 Type_2_Function
/C2W Three-D_view
/CA Annotation_markup_additional Appearance_characteristics Graphics_state
/CF Encryption_common
/CFM Crypt_filter_common
/CI File_specification
/CIDSet CIDFont_descriptor_additional
/CIDSystemInfo CIDFont CMap_stream
/CL Free_text_annotation_additional
/CMapName CMap_stream
/CO Interactive_form Line_annotation_additional Sound_object Three-D_view
/CP Line_annotation_additional Sound_object
/CS Projection Three-D_background Transparency_group_additional
/CT Media_clip_data Web_Capture_content_sets Web_capture_command
/CV Render_mode
/CYX Rectilinear_measure_additional
/Cap Line_annotation_additional
/CapHeight Font_descriptor_common
/Category Optional_Content_Group_Application
/CenterWindow Viewer_preferences
/Cert Signature Signature_field_seed_value
/Changes Signature
/CharProcs Type_3_Font
/CharSet Font_descriptor_common
/CheckSum Embedded_file_parameter
/ClassMap Structure_tree_root
/ClrF FDF_field
/ClrFf FDF_field
/ColSpan Standard_table
/Collection Catalog
/Color OPI_version_1_3 Standard_layout_structure_type
/ColorSpace DeviceN_process Image Inline_Image Resource Separation Shading_common
/ColorTransform DCT_filter
/ColorType OPI_version_1_3
/Colorants DeviceN_colour_space Printers_mark_form
/Colors LZW_and_Flate_filter
/ColumnCount Standard_column
/ColumnGap Standard_column
/ColumnWidths Standard_column
/Columns CCITTFax_filter LZW_and_Flate_filter
/Comments OPI_version_1_3
/Components DeviceN_process
/Configs Optional_Content_Group_Properties
/ContactInfo Signature
/Contents Annotation_common Page Signature
/Coords Type_2_Shading Type_3_Shading
/Count Outline Outline_item Pages
/CreationDate Annotation_markup_additional Embedded_file_parameter Info
/Creator Info MacOS_file_information Optional_Content_Configuration
/CreatorInfo Optional_Content_Group_Usage
/CropBox Box_colour_information Page
/CropFixed OPI_version_1_3
/CropRect OPI_version_1_3 OPI_version_2_0
/D Annotation_additional_actions Appearance Border_style Box_style Collection Collection_subitem Embedded_goto_action_additional Floating_window_parameter Goto_action_additional Graphics_state Media_clip_data Media_clip_section Number_format Optional_Content_Group_Properties Rectilinear_measure_additional Remote_goto_action_additional Rendition_criteria Thread_action_additional Three-D_activation Transition Windows_launch_parameters
/DA Free_text_annotation_additional Interactive_form Redaction_annotation_additional Variable_text_field
/DIS Three-D_activation
/DL Stream_common
/DOS File_specification
/DP Catalog_additional_actions
/DR Interactive_form
/DS Catalog_additional_actions Free_text_annotation_additional Variable_text_field
/DV Field_common Three-D_stream
/DW2 CIDFont
/DamagedRowsBeforeError CCITTFax_filter
/Data Signature_reference
/Decode Image Inline_Image Type_0_Function Type_4_Shading Type_5_Shading Type_6_Shading
/DecodeParms Inline_Image Stream_common
/Default Type_5_halftone
/DefaultForPrinting Alternate_Image
/Desc File_specification PrintField
/DescendantFonts Type_0_Font
/Descent Font_descriptor_common
/Dest Link_annotation_additional Outline_item
/DestOutputProfile Output_intent
/Dests Catalog Catalog_Name_tree
/DevDepGS_BG Legal_attestation
/DevDepGS_FL Legal_attestation
/DevDepGS_HT Legal_attestation
/DevDepGS_OP Legal_attestation
/DevDepGS_TR Legal_attestation
/DevDepGS_UCR Legal_attestation
/DeviceColorant Separation
/Di Transition
/Differences Encoding FDF_dictionary
/DigestMethod Signature_field_seed_value Signature_reference
/Direction Viewer_preferences
/DisplayDocTitle Viewer_preferences
/Dm Transition
/Doc JavaScript
/DocMDP Permissions
/Document UR_transform
/Domain Function_common Type_1_Shading Type_2_Shading Type_3_Shading
/DotGain DeviceN_mixing_hints
/Duplex Viewer_preferences
/Dur Navigation_node Page
/Duration Movie_activation
/E Annotation_additional_actions Collection_field Linearization_parameter Media_clip_section_MH-BE Sound_object Source_information Structure_tree_element
/EA Three-D_background
/EF File_specification UR_transform
/EFF Encryption_common
/EarlyChange LZW_and_Flate_filter
/EmbeddedFDFs FDF_dictionary
/EmbeddedFiles Catalog_Name_tree
/Encode Type_0_Function Type_3_Function
/EncodedByteAlign CCITTFax_filter
/Encoding FDF_dictionary Type_0_Font Type_1_Font Type_3_Font
/Encrypt File_trailer
/EncryptMetadata Additional_encryption Crypt_filter_public-key_additional
/EndIndent Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element
/EndOfBlock CCITTFax_filter
/EndOfLine CCITTFax_filter
/Event Optional_Content_Group_Application
/ExData Annotation_markup_additional
/Export Optional_Content_Group_Usage
/ExtGState Resource Type_2_Pattern
/Extend Type_2_Shading Type_3_Shading
/Extends Object_stream
/ExtensionLevel Developer_extensions
/Extensions Catalog
/ExternalOPIdicts Legal_attestation
/ExternalRefXobjects Legal_attestation
/ExternalStreams Legal_attestation
/F Annotation_common Embedded_goto_action_additional FDF_dictionary FDF_field FDF_named_page_reference File_specification Form_additional_actions Import-data_action_additional Launch_action_additional Media_offset_frame Media_screen_parameters_MH-BE Movie Number_format OPI_version_1_3 OPI_version_2_0 Outline_item Projection Reference Remote_goto_action_additional Stream_common Submit_form_action Thread Thread_action_additional User_property Web_capture_command Windows_launch_parameters
/FB Icon_fit
/FC Render_mode
/FD CIDFont_descriptor_additional Number_format
/FDF FDF_catalog
/FDecodeParms Stream_common
/FFilter Stream_common
/FL Graphics_state
/FOV Projection
/FS File_attachment_annotation_additional File_specification
/FT Field_common
/FWPosition Movie_activation
/FWScale Movie_activation
/Ff Certificate_seed_value FDF_field Field_common Signature_field_seed_value
/Fields FDF_dictionary FDF_template FieldMDP_transform Interactive_form Reset_form_action Signature_field_lock Submit_form_action
/Filter Encryption_common Inline_Image Signature Signature_field_seed_value Stream_common
/First Object_stream Outline Outline_item
/FirstChar Type_1_Font Type_3_Font
/FitWindow Viewer_preferences
/FixedPrint Watermark_annotation_additional
/Flags Font_descriptor_common Reset_form_action Submit_form_action
/Fo Annotation_additional_actions
/Font Graphics_state Resource
/FontBBox Font_descriptor_common Type_3_Font
/FontDescriptor CIDFont Type_1_Font Type_3_Font
/FontFamily Font_descriptor_common Font_selector
/FontFauxing Trap_network_annotation
/FontFile Font_descriptor_common
/FontFile2 Font_descriptor_common
/FontFile3 Font_descriptor_common
/FontMatrix Type_3_Font
/FontName Font_descriptor_common
/FontSize Font_selector
/FontStretch Font_descriptor_common Font_selector
/FontStyle Font_selector
/FontVariant Font_selector
/FontWeight Font_descriptor_common Font_selector
/Form UR_transform
/FormType Type_1_Form
/Frequency Type_1_halftone
/Function Type_1_Shading Type_2_Shading Type_3_Shading Type_4_Shading Type_5_Shading Type_6_Shading
/FunctionType Function_common
/Functions Type_3_Function
/G Soft-mask Web_capture_command_settings
/Gamma CalGray_colour_space CalRGB_colour_space
/GenericFontFamily Font_selector
/GlyphOrientationVertical Standard_inline-level_structure_element
/GoToRemoteActions Legal_attestation
/GrayMap OPI_version_1_3
/Group Page Type_1_Form
/H Fixed_print Hide_action_additional Linearization_parameter Link_annotation_additional Software_identifier User_property Web_capture_command Widget_annotation_additional
/HI Software_identifier
/HT Graphics_state
/HalftoneName Type_10_halftone Type_16_halftone Type_1_halftone Type_5_halftone Type_6_halftone
/HalftoneType Type_10_halftone Type_16_halftone Type_1_halftone Type_5_halftone Type_6_halftone
/Headers Standard_table
/Height Image Inline_Image Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element Type_16_halftone Type_6_halftone
/Height2 Type_16_halftone
/HideAnnotationActions Legal_attestation
/HideMenubar Viewer_preferences
/HideToolbar Viewer_preferences
/HideWindowUI Viewer_preferences
/I Appearance_characteristics Border_effect Choice_field_additional Thread Transparency_group_additional
/IC Line_annotation_additional Polygon_or_polyline_annotation_additional Redaction_annotation_additional Square_or_circle_annotation_additional Three-D_cross_section
/ID FDF_dictionary File_specification File_trailer Image OPI_version_1_3 Page Reference Structure_tree_element Web_Capture_content_sets
/IDS Catalog_Name_tree
/IDTree Structure_tree_root
/IF Appearance_characteristics FDF_field
/IN Three-D_view
/IRT Annotation_markup_additional
/IT Annotation_markup_additional Free_text_annotation_additional Line_annotation_additional Polygon_or_polyline_annotation_additional
/IV Three-D_cross_section
/IX Appearance_characteristics
/Image Alternate_Image
/ImageMask Image Inline_Image
/ImageType OPI_version_1_3
/IncludedImageDimensions OPI_version_2_0
/IncludedImageQuality OPI_version_2_0
/Index Cross_reference_stream
/Info FDF_page File_trailer Output_intent
/InkList Ink_annotation_additional
/Inks OPI_version_2_0
/InlineAlign Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element
/Intent Image Inline_Image Optional_Content_Configuration Optional_Content_Group
/Interpolate Image Inline_Image
/IsMap URI_action_additional
/Issuer Certificate_seed_value
/ItalicAngle Font_descriptor_common
/JBIG2Globals JBIG2_filter
/JS JavaScript_action_additional Rendition_action_additional
/JavaScript Catalog_Name_tree FDF_dictionary
/JavaScriptActions Legal_attestation
/K CCITTFax_filter Form_additional_actions Structure_tree_element Structure_tree_root Transparency_group_additional
/KeyUsage Certificate_seed_value
/Keywords Info
/Kids FDF_field Field_common Name_tree_node Number_tree_node Pages
/L Line_annotation_additional Linearization_parameter Rendition_criteria Software_identifier Web_capture_command
/LC Graphics_state
/LE Free_text_annotation_additional Line_annotation_additional Polygon_or_polyline_annotation_additional
/LI Software_identifier
/LJ Graphics_state
/LL Line_annotation_additional
/LLE Line_annotation_additional
/LLO Line_annotation_additional
/LS Three-D_view
/LW Graphics_state
/Lang CIDFont_descriptor_additional Catalog Structure_tree_element
/Language Optional_Content_Group_Usage
/Last Outline Outline_item
/LastChar Type_1_Font Type_3_Font
/LastModified Data Page Trap_network_annotation Type_1_Form
/LaunchActions Legal_attestation
/Leading Font_descriptor_common
/Legal Catalog
/LegalAttestation Signature_field_seed_value
/Length Crypt_filter_common Encryption_common Stream_common
/Length1 Embedded_font_stream_additional
/Length2 Embedded_font_stream_additional
/Length3 Embedded_font_stream_additional
/Level1 Postscript_XObject
/Limits Name_tree_node Number_tree_node
/LineHeight Standard_inline-level_structure_element
/Linearized Linearization_parameter
/ListMode Optional_Content_Configuration
/ListNumbering Standard_list
/Location Signature
/Lock Signature_field
/Locked Optional_Content_Configuration
/M Annotation_common Media_offset_marker Media_screen_parameters_MH-BE Minimum_bit_depth Minimum_screen_size Signature Three-D_node Transition
/MCID Marked_content_reference
/MD5 Three-D_external_data
/MDP Signature_field_seed_value
/MH Media_clip_data Media_clip_section Media_play_parameters Media_player_info Media_screen_parameters Rendition_common
/MK Screen_annotation_additional Widget_annotation_additional
/ML Graphics_state
/MN Printers_mark_annotation
/MS Three-D_view
/MU Media_players
/Mac Embedded_file_parameter File_specification Launch_action_additional
/MainImage OPI_version_2_0
/MarkInfo Catalog
/MarkStyle Printers_mark_form
/Marked Mark_information
/Mask Image
/Matrix CalRGB_colour_space Fixed_print Type_1_Form Type_1_Pattern Type_1_Shading Type_2_Pattern
/Matte Soft-mask_image_additional
/MaxLen Text_field_additional
/MaxWidth Font_descriptor_common
/Measure Line_annotation_additional Polygon_or_polyline_annotation_additional Viewport
/MediaBox Page
/Metadata Catalog Embedded_font_stream_additional ICC_profile Image Metadata_additional Page Type_1_Form
/MissingWidth Font_descriptor_common
/Mix Sound_action_additional
/MixingHints DeviceN_colour_space
/ModDate Embedded_file_parameter Info
/Mode Movie_activation
/Movie Movie_annotation_additional
/MovieActions Legal_attestation
/Msg UR_transform
/N Appearance Bead Collection_field ICC_profile Linearization_parameter Media_clip_common Named_action_additional Object_stream Projection Rendition_common Target Three-D_node Type_2_Function User_property
/NA Navigation_node Three-D_view
/NM Annotation_common
/NP Three-D_activation
/NR Three-D_view
/NU Media_players
/Name Crypt_filter FDF_named_page_reference File_attachment_annotation_additional Image Optional_Content_Configuration Optional_Content_Group Rubber_stamp_annotation_additional Signature Sound_annotation_additional Text_annotation_additional Type_1_Font Type_1_Form Type_3_Font Viewport
/Names Catalog Name_tree_node
/NeedAppearances Interactive_form
/NeedsRendering Catalog
/NewWindow Embedded_goto_action_additional Launch_action_additional Remote_goto_action_additional
/Next Action_common Navigation_node Outline_item
/NonEmbeddedFonts Legal_attestation
/NonFullScreenPageMode Viewer_preferences
/NumCopies Viewer_preferences
/Nums Number_tree_node
/O Additional_encryption Attribute_object Attribute_object_for_user_properties Collection_field Floating_window_parameter Linearization_parameter Media_screen_parameters_MH-BE Number_format Page_additional_actions Rectilinear_measure_additional Render_mode Rendition_criteria Three-D_cross_section Three-D_node Three-D_view Web_Capture_content_sets Windows_launch_parameters
/OB Projection
/OC Alternate_Image Annotation_common Image Type_1_Form
/OCGs Optional_Content_Group_Application Optional_Content_Group_Membership Optional_Content_Group_Properties
/OCProperties Catalog
/OFF Optional_Content_Configuration
/OID Certificate_seed_value
/ON Optional_Content_Configuration
/OP Graphics_state Rendition_action_additional
/OPI Image Type_1_Form
/OPM Graphics_state
/OS Projection Software_identifier
/Obj Object_reference
/OnInstantiate Three-D_stream
/Open Popup_annotation_additional Text_annotation_additional
/OpenAction Catalog
/Operation Movie_action_additional
/Opt Check_box_and_radio_button_additional Choice_field_additional FDF_field
/OptionalContent Legal_attestation
/Order Optional_Content_Configuration Type_0_Function
/Ordering CIDSystemInfo
/Outlines Catalog
/OutputCondition Output_intent
/OutputConditionIdentifier Output_intent
/OutputIntents Catalog
/OverlayText Redaction_annotation_additional
/Overprint OPI_version_1_3 OPI_version_2_0
/P Additional_encryption Annotation_common Attribute_object_for_user_properties Bead Collection_subitem DocMDP_transform Floating_window_parameter Linearization_parameter Media_clip_data Media_rendition Optional_Content_Group_Membership Page_label Public_key_security_handler_additional Rendition_criteria Structure_tree_element Target Three-D_view UR_transform Web_capture_command Windows_launch_parameters
/PA Link_annotation_additional Navigation_node
/PC Annotation_additional_actions Three-D_animation_style Three-D_cross_section
/PCM Trap_network_appearance_stream
/PI Annotation_additional_actions
/PID Media_player_info
/PL Media_clip_data Media_play_parameters
/PO Annotation_additional_actions Three-D_cross_section
/PS Number_format Projection
/PV Annotation_additional_actions
/PZ Page
/Padding Standard_layout_structure_type
/Page FDF_annotation_additional Reference
/PageElement Optional_Content_Group_Usage
/PageLabels Catalog
/PageLayout Catalog
/PageMode Catalog
/Pages Catalog Catalog_Name_tree FDF_dictionary Separation
/PaintType Type_1_Pattern
/Params Embedded_file_stream
/Parent Field_common Outline_item Page Pages Popup_annotation_additional Widget_annotation_additional
/ParentTree Structure_tree_root
/ParentTreeNextKey Structure_tree_root
/Pattern Resource
/PatternType Type_1_Pattern Type_2_Pattern
/Perms Catalog
/Pg Marked_content_reference Object_reference Structure_tree_element
/PickTrayByPDFSize Viewer_preferences
/PieceInfo Catalog Page Type_1_Form
/Placement Standard_layout_structure_type
/Popup Annotation_markup_additional
/Position OPI_version_1_3
/Poster Movie
/Predictor LZW_and_Flate_filter
/PresSteps Page
/PreserveRB Set-OCG-state_action_additional
/Prev Cross_reference_stream File_trailer Navigation_node Outline_item
/Print Optional_Content_Group_Usage
/PrintArea Viewer_preferences
/PrintClip Viewer_preferences
/PrintPageRange Viewer_preferences
/PrintScaling Viewer_preferences
/PrintingOrder DeviceN_mixing_hints
/Private Data
/ProcSet Resource
/Process DeviceN_colour_space
/Producer Info
/Prop_AuthTime Signature
/Prop_AuthType Signature
/Prop_Build Signature
/Properties Resource
/Q Free_text_annotation_additional Interactive_form Redaction_annotation_additional Variable_text_field
/QuadPoints Link_annotation_additional Redaction_annotation_additional Text_markup_annotation_additional
/R Additional_encryption Appearance Appearance_characteristics Bead Floating_window_parameter Rectilinear_measure_additional Rendition_action_additional Rendition_criteria Selector_rendition Signature Sound_object Structure_tree_element Target Web_Capture_image_set
/RBGroups Optional_Content_Configuration
/RC Annotation_markup_additional Appearance_characteristics Free_text_annotation_additional
/RD Caret_annotation_additional Free_text_annotation_additional Number_format Square_or_circle_annotation_additional
/RF File_specification
/RH Requirement_common
/RI Appearance_characteristics Graphics_state
/RM Three-D_view
/RO Redaction_annotation_additional
/RT Annotation_markup_additional Floating_window_parameter Number_format
/RV FDF_field Variable_text_field
/Range Function_common ICC_profile Lab_colour_space
/Rate Movie_activation
/Reason Signature
/Reasons Signature_field_seed_value
/Recipients Crypt_filter_public-key_additional Public_key_security_handler_additional
/Rect Annotation_common
/Ref Type_1_Form
/Reference Signature
/Registry CIDSystemInfo
/RegistryName Output_intent
/Rename FDF_template
/Renditions Catalog_Name_tree
/Repeat Redaction_annotation_additional Sound_action_additional
/Requirements Catalog
/ResFork MacOS_file_information
/Resolution OPI_version_1_3
/Resources Page Slideshow Three-D_stream Type_1_Form Type_1_Pattern Type_3_Font
/Role PrintField
/RoleMap Structure_tree_root
/Root FDF_trailer File_trailer
/Rotate Movie Page
/RowSpan Standard_table
/Rows CCITTFax_filter
/RubyAlign Standard_inline-level_structure_element
/RubyPosition Standard_inline-level_structure_element
/S Action_common Border_effect Border_style Box_style Collection_sort Embedded_goto_action_additional Goto_3D_view_action_additional Goto_action_additional Group_Attributes_common Hide_action_additional Icon_fit Import-data_action_additional JavaScript_action_additional Launch_action_additional Media_clip_common Media_duration Media_offset_common Movie_action_additional Named_action_additional Output_intent Page_label Rectilinear_measure_additional Remote_goto_action_additional Rendition_action_additional Rendition_common Rendition_criteria Requirement_common Requirement_handler Reset_form_action Set-OCG-state_action_additional Soft-mask Sound_action_additional Source_information Structure_tree_element Submit_form_action Thread_action_additional Timespan Transition Transition_action_additional Transparency_group_additional URI_action_additional Web_Capture_content_sets Web_Capture_image_set Web_Capture_page_set_additional Web_capture_command
/SA Graphics_state Three-D_view
/SE Outline_item
/SI Web_Capture_content_sets
/SM Graphics_state
/SMask Graphics_state Image
/SMaskInData Image
/SP Media_rendition
/SS Number_format Transition
/SV Signature_field
/SW Icon_fit
/Schema Collection
/Scope Standard_table
/Script Requirement_handler
/SeparationColorNames Trap_network_appearance_stream
/SeparationInfo Page
/SetF FDF_field
/SetFf FDF_field
/Shading Resource Type_2_Pattern
/ShadingType Shading_common
/ShowControls Movie_activation
/SigFlags Interactive_form
/Signature UR_transform
/Size Cross_reference_stream Embedded_file_parameter File_trailer OPI_version_1_3 OPI_version_2_0 Type_0_Function
/Solidities DeviceN_mixing_hints
/Sort Collection
/Sound Sound_action_additional Sound_annotation_additional
/SoundActions Legal_attestation
/SpaceAfter Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element
/SpaceBefore Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element
/SpiderInfo Catalog
/SpotFunction Type_1_halftone
/St Page_label
/Start Movie_activation
/StartIndent Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element
/StartResource Slideshow
/State Set-OCG-state_action_additional Text_annotation_additional
/StateModel Text_annotation_additional
/Status FDF_dictionary
/StemH Font_descriptor_common
/StemV Font_descriptor_common
/Stm Marked_content_reference
/StmF Encryption_common
/StmOwn Marked_content_reference
/StrF Encryption_common
/StructParent Annotation_common Image Structure_element_access_additional Type_1_Form
/StructParents Page Structure_element_access_additional Type_1_Form
/StructTreeRoot Catalog
/Style CIDFont_descriptor_additional
/SubFilter Encryption_common Signature Signature_field_seed_value
/Subj Annotation_markup_additional
/Subject Certificate_seed_value Info
/SubjectDN Certificate_seed_value
/Subtype Annotation_common Artifact CIDFont Caret_annotation_additional Collection_field DeviceN_colour_space Embedded_file_stream Embedded_font_stream_additional File_attachment_annotation_additional Free_text_annotation_additional Image Ink_annotation_additional Line_annotation_additional Link_annotation_additional MacOS_file_information Measure Metadata_stream_additional Movie_annotation_additional Polygon_or_polyline_annotation_additional Popup_annotation_additional Postscript_XObject Printers_mark_annotation Projection Redaction_annotation_additional Render_mode Rubber_stamp_annotation_additional Screen_annotation_additional Slideshow Sound_annotation_additional Square_or_circle_annotation_additional Text_annotation_additional Text_markup_annotation_additional Three-D_animation_style Three-D_annotation Three-D_background Three-D_external_data Three-D_lighting Three-D_stream Trap_network_annotation Type_0_Font Type_1_Font Type_1_Form Type_3_Font Watermark_annotation_additional Widget_annotation_additional
/Summary Standard_table
/Supplement CIDSystemInfo
/Suspects Mark_information
/Sy Caret_annotation_additional
/Synchronous Movie_activation Sound_action_additional
/T Annotation_markup_additional Bead Embedded_goto_action_additional FDF_field Field_common Floating_window_parameter Hide_action_additional Linearization_parameter Media_duration Media_offset_time Movie_action_additional Movie_annotation_additional Rectilinear_measure_additional Screen_annotation_additional Structure_tree_element Target Web_Capture_page_set_additional
/TA Goto_3D_view_action_additional
/TB Three-D_activation
/TBorderStyle Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element
/TF Media_permissions
/TI Choice_field_additional
/TID Web_Capture_page_set_additional
/TK Graphics_state
/TM Field_common Three-D_animation_style
/TP Appearance_characteristics
/TPadding Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element
/TR Graphics_state Soft-mask
/TR2 Graphics_state
/TRef FDF_template
/TS Source_information Web_Capture_content_sets
/TT Floating_window_parameter
/TU Field_common
/Tabs Page
/Tags OPI_version_1_3 OPI_version_2_0
/Target FDF_dictionary
/TemplateInstantiated Page
/Templates Catalog_Name_tree FDF_page
/TextAlign Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element
/TextDecorationColor Standard_inline-level_structure_element
/TextDecorationThickness Standard_inline-level_structure_element
/TextDecorationType Standard_inline-level_structure_element
/TextIndent Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element
/Threads Catalog
/Thumb Page
/TilingType Type_1_Pattern
/TimeStamp Signature_field_seed_value
/Tint OPI_version_1_3
/Title Info Outline_item
/ToUnicode Type_0_Font Type_1_Font Type_3_Font
/Trans Page Transition_action_additional
/TransferFunction Type_10_halftone Type_16_halftone Type_1_halftone Type_6_halftone
/TransformMethod Signature_reference
/TransformParams Signature_reference
/Transparency OPI_version_1_3
/TrapRegions Trap_network_appearance_stream
/TrapStyles Trap_network_appearance_stream
/Trapped Info
/TrimBox Box_colour_information Page
/TrueTypeFonts Legal_attestation
/Type Action_common Annotation_common Artifact Bead Border_style CIDFont CMap_stream Catalog Certificate_seed_value Collection Collection_field Collection_item Collection_schema Collection_sort Collection_subitem Cross_reference_stream Crypt_filter Crypt_filter_common Developer_extensions DocMDP_transform Embedded_file_stream Encoding FieldMDP_transform File_specification Fixed_print Floating_window_parameter Font_descriptor_common Graphics_state Group_Attributes_common Image Marked_content_reference Measure Media_clip_common Media_duration Media_offset_common Media_permissions Media_play_parameters Media_player_info Media_players Media_screen_parameters Metadata_stream_additional Minimum_bit_depth Minimum_screen_size Navigation_node Number_format OPI_version_1_3 OPI_version_2_0 Object_reference Object_stream Optional_Content_Group Optional_Content_Group_Membership Outline Output_intent Page Page_label Pages Postscript_XObject Render_mode Rendition_common Rendition_criteria Requirement_common Requirement_handler Signature Signature_field_lock Signature_field_seed_value Signature_reference Slideshow Soft-mask Software_identifier Sound_object Structure_tree_element Structure_tree_root Thread Three-D_animation_style Three-D_background Three-D_cross_section Three-D_external_data Three-D_lighting Three-D_node Three-D_reference Three-D_stream Three-D_view Timespan Transition Type_0_Font Type_10_halftone Type_16_halftone Type_1_Font Type_1_Form Type_1_Pattern Type_1_halftone Type_2_Pattern Type_3_Font Type_5_halftone Type_6_halftone UR_transform Viewport Web_Capture_content_sets
/U Additional_encryption Annotation_additional_actions Number_format Software_identifier URL_alias
/U3DPath Three-D_view
/UC Floating_window_parameter
/UCR Graphics_state
/UCR2 Graphics_state
/UF File_specification
/UR3 Permissions
/URI Catalog URI_action_additional
/URIActions Legal_attestation
/URL Certificate_seed_value Web_capture_command
/URLS Catalog_Name_tree
/URLType Certificate_seed_value
/Unix File_specification Launch_action_additional
/Usage Optional_Content_Group
/UseCMap CMap_stream
/User Optional_Content_Group_Usage
/UserProperties Mark_information
/UserUnit Page
/V Bead Collection_field DocMDP_transform Encryption_common FDF_field FieldMDP_transform Field_common File_specification Fixed_print Form_additional_actions Goto_3D_view_action_additional Minimum_bit_depth Minimum_screen_size Rendition_criteria Signature Signature_field_seed_value Three-D_node Timespan UR_transform User_property Web_Capture_information
/VA Three-D_stream
/VE Optional_Content_Group_Membership
/VP Page
/Version Catalog FDF_catalog OPI_version_1_3 OPI_version_2_0 Trap_network_annotation
/Vertices Polygon_or_polyline_annotation_additional
/VerticesPerRow Type_5_Shading
/View Collection Optional_Content_Group_Usage
/ViewArea Viewer_preferences
/ViewClip Viewer_preferences
/ViewerPreferences Catalog
/Volume Movie_activation Sound_action_additional
/W Border_style Box_style CIDFont Cross_reference_stream Media_screen_parameters_MH-BE
/W2 CIDFont
/WC Catalog_additional_actions
/WMode CMap_stream
/WP Catalog_additional_actions
/WS Catalog_additional_actions
/WhitePoint CalGray_colour_space CalRGB_colour_space Lab_colour_space
/Width Image Inline_Image Standard_layout_block-level_structure_element Type_16_halftone Type_6_halftone
/Width2 Type_16_halftone
/Widths Type_1_Font Type_3_Font
/Win Launch_action_additional
/WritingMode Standard_layout_structure_type
/X Annotation_additional_actions Rectilinear_measure_additional
/XFA Interactive_form
/XHeight Font_descriptor_common
/XN Three-D_view
/XObject Resource
/XRefStm Hybrid-reference
/XStep Type_1_Pattern
/Xsquare Type_10_halftone
/Y Rectilinear_measure_additional
/YStep Type_1_Pattern
/Ysquare Type_10_halftone
/Z Rendition_criteria
/Zoom Optional_Content_Group_Usage
/ca Graphics_state
/checked PrintField
/color CSS2_style
/font CSS2_style
/font-family CSS2_style
/font-size CSS2_style
/font-stretch CSS2_style
/font-style CSS2_style
/font-weight CSS2_style
/op Graphics_state
/text-align CSS2_style
/text-decoration CSS2_style
/vertical-align CSS2_style