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Reaper::Control cpan:SAMGWISE last updated on 2018-09-13


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Reaper::Control - An OSC controller interface for Reaper


use Reaper::Control;

# Start listening for UDP messages from sent from Reaper.
my $listener = reaper-listener(:host<>, :port(9000));

# Respond to events from Reaper:
react whenever $listener.reaper-events {
  when Reaper::Control::Event::Play {
      put 'Playing'
  when Reaper::Control::Event::Stop {
      put 'stopped'
  when Reaper::Control::Event::PlayTime {
      put "seconds: { .seconds }\nsamples: { .samples }\nbeats: { .beats }"


Reaper::Control is an OSC controller interface for Reaper, a digital audio workstation. Current features are limited and relate to play/stop and playback position but there is a lot more which can be added in the future.


Sam Gillespie


Copyright 2018 Sam Gillespie

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.

sub reaper-listener

sub reaper-listener(
    Str :$host,
    Int :$port,
    Str :$protocol = "UDP"
) returns Reaper::Control::Listener

Create a Listener object which encapsulates message parsing and event parsing. The protocol argument currently only accepts UDP. Use the reaper-events method to obtain a Supply of events received, by the Listener, from Reaper.