Perl 6 Modules

Below you can find a list of the 850 known external Perl 6 modules. The Travis column shows results of testing each module using Rakudo. These modules can be installed with zef, a module management tool that comes with Rakudo Star.

Some standard modules are included with Rakudo. Among them are Test for testing and NativeCall for using C libraries. See a list of all core modules here.

If you want to contribute your own module, please read this guide. See which modules are popular. Missing a module you can't live without? Consider adding it to the Most Wanted Modules.

View a todo list for modules with plenty of LHF at

Project List

Name Description Travis Stars Issues Updated
Text::Levenshtein Calculate Levenshtein edit distance for strings. Perl 5 -> 6 port. passing 3 0 2017-04-22
Text::Emotion Get an emotional score for a passage of text based on its word use. passing 3 2 2017-05-17
Text::Homoglyph Map ASCII to unicode homoglyphs. error 0 0 2017-05-17
Text::Fortune print a random adage, fortune(6), strfile(1) passing 0 0 2017-06-15
Algorithm::Trie::libdatrie a character keyed trie using the datrie library. passing 1 0 2017-06-15
Search::Dict a fast binary search of dictionary like files passing 0 1 2017-06-15
String::CamelCase Camelizes and decamelizes given string passing 1 0 2017-05-01
Term::TablePrint Print a table to the terminal and browse it interactively. passing 0 0 2017-07-06
Terminal::Table Advanced table generate module for perl6 passing 6 0 2017-07-01